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Cobalt is the right auto shipping company for you.

Cobalt auto transport is leading the industry in reliable on-time enclosed and open carrier shipping.

Cobalt Auto Transport – Dependable Oversized Transport Services

Cobalt Auto Transport is the leader when it comes to Transport, relocation, and Transport of Heavy Equipment, Heavy Machinery, and Construction Equipment. Cobalt Auto Transport is licensed, bonded, and insured to further protect your investment.

Heavy Haul and lowboy Delivery

We can also perform heavy haul Car Moving and lowboy delivery for many types of oversized vehicles including:

  • dump trucks
  • full size RV
  • oilfield drills
  • scrapers
  • stone slingers
  • tanks
  • plow trucks
  • railroad equipment
  • pipe layers
  • road wideners
  • bull dozers
  • compactors
  • generators
  • lifts
  • log loaders
  • motor grader
  • drilling rigs
  • earth movers
  • excavators
  • backhoes
  • boring machines
  • concrete mixers
  • vacuum trucks water towers
  • water trucks
  • trailers
  • utility equipment
  • welders wheel loaders
  • concrete pumps
  • cranes
  • ditch diggers
  • forklifts
  • skid steer loaders
  • snow equipment tractors
  • crushers
  • light towers
  • haulers